Paramind Product Offerings

Paramind provides fully-developed solutions for a variety of vertical industry segments and  products that enhance usability and reduce costs of the clients IT Infrastructure and Application. These products represent a mix of Paramind Developed Products as well as Partner Products for which Paramind is the Official LATAM Distributor.

Paramind’s Product Portfolio consists of the following industry-leading applications:

GlobalAD® a Paramind Product, provides full site-management, customer portal and operations management functions for Outdoor Display Companies and Advertising Agencies.

LifeLine® suite, a Paramind Product, focuses on the all-important Health-Care marketplace and provides services dedicated to clinical laboratories, hospitals and the health-care consumer marketplace.

CRM 360Degree®, a Paramind Product, provides a full suite of CRM applications at a fraction of the cost of larger products. It also provides custom-developed value-add features that increase usability and reduce cost-of-ownership.

SASINbp®, a Sateri Systems Product, is a modularized product designed to support the EBPP, POS, Customer Self-Care and Business Intelligence needs of both governmental and utility organizations offering a variety of goods and services. SASINbp® offers a unique blend of uniformity and autonomy, wherein the modules are seamlessly integrated enabling standardized billing and revenue collection across the enterprise. Alternately, any mix of  modules may be used independently to fill a gap in your current solution.



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