Paramind has wide expertise in Mobile Application Development. We support multiple Mobile Application Development platforms such as Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, and J2ME based Mobile Apllication Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android-Google mobile hosted solution, Apple iPhone Mobile Website and Application Development.

As the businesses grow geographically and management is increasingly on the road and away from the office, the need for instant communication with executives in the field has increased. The need to connect to people at all times is rapidly growing now. That means information has to be omnipresent, which is now possible through instant access to real-time data using wireless/ Mobile Solutions.

Paramind has developed expertise in Mobile Applications Development that have helped companies improve work-flow, customer order taking, and record keeping in the front office. Wireless applications are following in the footsteps of the internet and quickly proving their worth and utility; they are fast becoming the prefered mode of communication for people on the go.

The remarkable technological breakthroughs that have taken place in the wireless networking domain have led to the emergence of thriving mobile communities that deliver content-rich applications for the high-end mobile devices that are now readily available.



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